In this polluted era, upper respiratory tract infections like recurrent cold are common especially in the metropolis wherein there is a scarcity of good air. Prevention of nasal problems can be achieved through regular nasal cleansing. This also cures many of the chronic nasal diseases.

Jala Neti is a simple, unique, natural nasal cleansing technique in Yoga. 

Requirements: Lukewarm saline water, Neti pot a special pot designed with a nozzle for neti karma)

Preparation: Boil the filtered water and let it attain lukewarm temperature, add a pinch of saindhava salt making it slightly saline.

Ideal time: Early morning (between 5-7 am) on an empty stomach

Frequency: Weekly twice or can be practised daily

Position: Standing with head forwards tilted towards one side

Procedure: Through the nozzle of Neti pot let the lukewarm saline water be gently let to pass onto the right nostril (head tilted forwards and towards the left side) until it travels through the sinuses and comes out from the left nostril. Continue for 1-2 mins. Repeat the procedure on the left nostril with head forwards tilted towards the right.

Perform kapalbhati pranayama (forceful expiration) for 15 mins to remove the excess nasal secretions

Benefits: Cleans and clears the nasal passage, drains out excess mucous and bacterias, cures dry eye syndrome, improves vision, improves complexion, stimulates Ajna chakra, Prevents recurrent/allergic rhinitis.

Contraindication: Post nasal surgeries, Nasal bleeding, Panchakarma 

Side effects: Nil if performed correctly 

Caution: To be performed under the supervision of a master initially