Q1. Can diabetics have sweet corn?  

Ans.  Yes, but only if corns are combined with something high fibre. For example, palak corn, mix veg with corn, etc. high fibre vegetable will ensure that the calories are released in a slow fashion and hence blood sugar will not shoot. 

Q2. I have a severe gas tendency especially when I consume cauliflower. Can you suggest some remedy? 

Ans. The floret of the cauliflower is gas producing. If you use only the stem also known as cauliflower greens in your vegetable or as stuffing in the roti, it will not cause gas.

Q3. How helpful are prunes for diabetic people? 

Ans. Prunes are very high in fibre and hence are low glycemic food. They are a good alternative to any sweet dish for a diabetic. 

Q4. Hi, I am on a weight loss diet, can I consume cherries? 

Ans. Yes, fresh cherries are low calories and can be consumed by anyone who is on a low-calorie diet. 

Q5. I am around 75 kg and my height is 5 feet. I want to lose weight, someone told me about the liquid diet. Is it safe to consume? 

Ans. A liquid diet is not at all recommended.  I would like to clarify that liquid diets are therapeutic diets only meant for people who are not able to eat solid food. These are temporary diets and are not at fit for consumption for a long duration.