We are living in a very polluted world. This fact is undisputed. The air that we breathe is laden with chemicals and pollutants. We often talk about vehicular pollution but the one thing that is congesting our lungs all the time goes unnoticed. Dust.

Delhi NCR region is considered to have very high levels of dust particles in the air. 

A day out in the open is enough evidence to show the amount of dust you get to inhale into your poor lungs everyday. By the end of this day you will have dust in your hair, on your clothes and your face and hands. 

So what makes us think that the same dusty air is not finding its way into our lungs? No wonder you find people sneezing and coughing all the time, or have watery and itchy eyes, or have itchy rashes on the skin. 

All these are symptoms of allergy that in its most chronic form becomes Asthma. Asthma can creep into your body both genetically or induced by external factors. But for both kinds of asthma, whether genetic or induced, there has to be a trigger. It might remain dormant for many years if your body is not exposed to allergens. 

Babies that are born asthmatic were not coughing inside their mothers’ wombs, how come they start showing symptoms of asthma at such an early age? Because if you are living in a city where breathing is synonymous with inhaling pollutants and dust, can you really avoid triggering symptoms in your body?

The surest way to keep Asthma at bay is by ensuring that all these triggers around you have no effect on your system. That is possible only if your system is strong enough to fight these triggers. The system will be strong if your body immunity is high. Body immunity will be high if your lungs are clean. Clean lungs directly translate into more oxygen inhaling capacity, thus more immunity. So what are you waiting for? Get clean lungs with salt therapy by SRT India!