New year has already started and with that we traditionally reflect on our life choices and prepare our list of lifestyle changes we intend to make in improving ourselves. Here are a few very easy resolutions which you can effortlessly add to ensure a healthy smile over, not just the year, but for life:

1. Correct Toothbrushing

Find the most appropriate toothbrush for yourself. You might be better off with an electric toothbrush. You might brush better with a toddler sized brush. Are you holding the brush and stroking the teeth correctly as to not cause damage? When you finish brushing, your teeth should feel completely smooth if you are doing it effectively.

2. Add tongue cleaning to your daily routine

We tend to overlook tongue when it comes to plaque removal. The naturally uneven surface of the tongue efficiently harbours thousands of bacteria between the "papillae". Heavy plaque accumulation on tongue is a major cause of bad breath.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Foods that are high in calcium ( leafy greens ), that are fibrous and crunchy (carrots, apples), that are probiotic (kombucha,miso) and that are high in fat (nuts, avocados) can help your teeth protected from getting the cavities. Though understandably not easy, giving up tobacco products can yield the most substantial change and positive improvement in health to the mouth and the rest of the body.

4. Commit to dental visits

You commonly need two a year. with the professional monitoring the details of your teeth that you may not notice, you are more likely to catch the problems while they are small and need very minimal restoration. Wait long enough to have a problem checked out, and that once insignificant cavity will eventually require root canal. Neglect is always the more expensive, less comfortable route.

May this year give us many reasons to smile.