Here are 5 quick ways to fight the symptoms of PCOS:

No Dieting-  You don’t need to follow a diet for time being to tackle PCOS. Instead change your lifestyle. Make it a habit to eat healthy whenever you are hungry. There is no need to stay hungry any longer.

Have Breakfast like a King and Dinner like a Beggar- Try to have a banana & double tonned milk for dinner or just a bowl of daal or a chunk of roasted chicken. Avoid going for a heavy dinner. Save it for your breakfast.

Few Must haves- Include 5 almonds, 2 dates, 1 walnut and 1 anjeer in daily meal. Besides these ensure that you have one fresh coconut water daily. Whey Protein is a miracle diet. Its meant not only for bodybuilders but it is a miraculous dietary supplement that not only helps in toning up your muscles but also enhances your stamina and strength. There are many brands offering whey protein but ensure that it is the original one.

A walk to remember - Ensure 20 mins of brisk walking or jogging or cycling or swimming daily. Any of these will do but just do it regularly. Even 5 times a week is enough. Take a break on saturdays and sundays if you wish to.

Visit an expert- Book an appointment and visit an expert. There is a wide spectrum of symptoms of PCOS. Treatment varies with what symptom you have.