Fatty liver is a liver disease that hampers the normal working of the liver. Hence, it is important to add certain natural food in the diet that encourages liver detox, such as milk thistle seed extract.

Five ways to reverse a fatty liver:

1. The liver is the warehouse of glucose (carbohydrate): As it is an insulin-guided organ, It stores glucose bundles in the form of glycogen. The chief role of the liver is to process fat. If there is a malfunctioning of the liver, it breaks down glucose into fatty acids that are deposited as adipose tissue. At times, if this deposit gets dumped within the liver, the condition is known as fatty liver. In a fatty liver, the liver becomes somewhat greasy yellow in appearance, due to the fatty liver being enlarged and swollen by fat. Fatty liver is one of the major causes of atypical liver roles. Fatty liver habitually accompanies abdominal obesity, insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Let us examine few things that can help you safely do a liver detox for your liver health.

2. Use milk thistle: Milk thistle is an excellent herb that possesses a bioflavonoid complex called silymarin. This active component assists healthy liver function. Silymarin-containing supplement said in liver cleanses and liver detox to protect the appropriate functioning of the liver. Milk thistle is from the asteraceae family, with the scientific name silybum marianum. Milk thistle is an annual or biennial plant, which grows up to ten feet and has red and purple flowers. It is called milk thistle because it oozes a milky liquid when crushed. It is extremely beneficial in the treatment of diseases of the liver such as alcoholic cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, fibrosis, drug and alcohol-induced liver damage, and acute viral hepatitis and diseases of bile duct and spleen. Studies confirm its unique ability to defend the liver against nearly all mutilation. It is necessary to use milk thistle extract or supplements that are high quality and authentic. Thus, I constantly recommend selection of the milk thistle extract from best source nutrition. This product has approximately 80% standardized silymarin. As per research, it helps in a liver detox and controls the fatty liver by repairing liver tissues.

3. Eat more vegetables, protein and right fats: Implementing a diet with liver detox properties can assist in health management using the food pyramid. Studies have proved that a diet rich in glutathione-rich foods, vitamins especially B complexes, sulfur-based amino chains and antioxidants, are essential in curing liver malfunctioning. Eatingfoods such as raw vegetables and fruits is the best and most important way to help restorea damaged liver. These foods help purify the system and encourage natural liver detox. More fiber and antioxidant mean lowered high insulin resistance and effective improvising of low levels of insulin sensitivity. Moreover, a well-balanced diet with protein of good biological value is very important to maintain the normal functioning of liver. Here, right fats include essential fatty acids provided by good dietary supplements such as bestsource omega-3 fish oil softgels and flaxseed oil softgels. Essential fatty acids in food or supplements help in lower inflammation and fatty liver.

4. Say no to alcohol: Alcohol in excess is another main reason for a fatty liver. Alcohol causes inflammation and destructs liver cells, resulting in the infiltration of fats. Alcohol consumption must be limited. Alcohol and its toxic metabolites could excessively generate molecules called oxygen-containing free radicals. Oxidative stress affects fatty acid oxidation and triggers activation of hepatic tumor necrosis. Instead of alcohol, include herbal drinks such as chamomile tea in your diet. Chamomile herb contains flavonoids that fight against free radicals and maintains liver health.

5. Cut refined carbohydrates in food: According to the fatty liver dietary guidelines, liver disease has many causes, with poor dietary habits and choosing wrong foods or drinks contributing to the fatty liver disease. The main crooks hiding in your daily foodand diet include sugar, refined flour and its products such as bread, pasta, momos, pizza, burger, bhature, and macaroni. Thus, one must watch the regular diet to control high-carbohydrate foods. Flush it through water (add some lemon).  The liver detox naturally occurs when the liver is cleaned with fresh, alkalizing water. Water holds natural mineral deposits when it is from a natural source such as rainwater, dam water etc, but not from chlorinated tap water. In addition, using a water purification method to eliminate chlorine and carbon elements is advisable. Lemons contain vitamin c and minerals that increase physical functions and enhance the body cleansing process, flushing out waste materials. Cleansing your liver is like giving your body an internal wash to balance blood ph levels and aid overall good health.