Your gray hair has started to show and that may not make you feel good about yourself. But aging isn't a setback until you believe it to be. Don't let the 60s make you a grumpy, old, temperamental person.

Here are some tried and tested ways to stay happy emotionally and age gracefully.     

Unwind. Reconnect.

Kids have flown the nest and now is the time to let your hair down and reignite old friendships. Reach out to family, friends and just connect! This is the perfect recipe for happiness, contentment, and emotional well-being. Go on, get in touch with your travel agent pronto!

Don't sit back

So what if your body is not in prime shape for soccer. Take solace in other physical activities which can be fun and engaging. A walk with your spouse, swimming, or even yoga can keep Alzheimer's and depression away.

Be kind to your mind

Besides keeping the mind sharp and alert, stimulating mental activities will keep you distracted. Fill your routine with crossword puzzles, reading and board games like chess. The point is to keep your mind free from negativity, cynicism, or self-defeating thoughts.

Surprise yourself

If anyone told you otherwise, it's just a myth. The sky is indeed the limit for new things and age has never been a deterrent. Try out a new hobby, learn a musical instrument, or volunteer for community services -- choose your pick and be renewed with confidence and hope.

Give to get

Giving will never go out of style no matter how old you are. Once kids leave, you have enough time and energy to channelize towards helping others. Giving keeps you humble, grounded, and present.

Remember, as you age, no one will gift well-being to you. So take the bull by the horns and work towards your own well-being. Have an appetite for life and make sure you satisfy it!