This is in first person. I am writing it from New Delhi while staying indoors to avoid Bad Pollution & Humidity prevailing in and around NCR.

Air Velocity is 20 km/hour.

We are getting Germs, Viruses, Construction Materials etc wrapped within Water Vapors Due to High Levels of Humidity & speed of wind does spread infections within a radius of few Kilometers.

Some of the viral upper respiratory infections are self limiting & Symptomatic treatment is needed, like \

1) Paracetamol according to weight, 

2) Restful life, 

3) Basic Hygiene including bath from head to toe to Avoid Auto Infection Through Own Sweat,

4) Liquid Light Nourishment & Enough Hydration to Avoid Dehydration.

I Feel Guilty to Tell a Child to Stay Indoors but the very idea of Needles if Fever is not controlled is Enough to scare kids & they do follow as advised

Though I Have a Problem With The Mothers who yield in to the demanding kids & get kids hospitalized for no reason ( drip Therapy by Nurse is Not Needed if Mother Behaves like a Nurse & give Sips of Coconut water to the Kid )

Do test the blood for Bacterial Infections If By Day 3, Fever Does Not Come Down Despite Every Precaution Taken.

What to do if there is No Bacterial Infection & Kids have Dry Cough with a Clear Chest on Auscultation & smooth throat on examination by a Torch ?

1) Give Lots of Reassurance.

2) Communicate with Mother.

3) Hospitals are Not a Nice Place- Either Get Infections through others or Infect Others through Unknown Viruses

4) Yes Hospitalization Can Be Avoided.

5) 99 degrees can be due to Dehydration.

6) Make Sure that Liquids as Nourishment Are Given In Plenty Including ORS ( Dirrhoea is Not The only indication ) 

7) Best ORS is Fresh Coconut Water 

Coconut Water is Like body Fluid PLASMA & There is No Upper Limit.

8)  Kids cannot inhale Steam. 

Give it indirectly by keeping the door closed & boiling water in electric kettle 

It is a Steam room & Baby is Inhaling Steam along with Mother & Dislodging the Collected Mucous at bases of tiny lungs

It Requires only Few Minutes Of Inhalation few times in a day

9)  Kids require Rest

Limit the Visitors & Tell Siblings to Make Minimum Noise so as not to Disturb the Sleeping Kid who has fever & Cough for a Reason- 

We And Our Developments Through Cars, Flyovers & High Rise Buildings With Minimum Green Places Left To Breathe Or To Play Around OUT in The OPEN

10)  Milder Variety of Anti-Allergic Medicines Do Help To Control the Cough

Constant Coughing Does Tire the Baby Leading to Low Grade Fever.

HONEY is Best Antiseptic, Antiallergic & Moisturising too for the Dry Lungs.

Give Warm Water with a spoon of honey added to it.

Some of the Safer Anti allergic is Chlorpromamine Malleate ( CPM) & Promethazine ( Phenargan syrup) is tried & Tested since ages.

Remember formula of 10 & Stay Safe in places Notorious for Bad Air Due to High Levels of Pollution.