A sexual dysfunction or sexual problem refers to problem which arises during any stage of sexual response cycle and averts the couple or individual from enjoying the sexual act to the fullest.  There are four phases in sexual response cycle namely – excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Although there are researches and studies which indicate that the problem of sexual dysfunction is common, near about 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women, report some or the other kind of difficulty. It is one topic which most of the people are hesitant to even talk about. The good news is that such problems are treatable, hence sharing concerns with doctor and partner helps in timely recovery. 

How sexual issues affect women?

Given below are some of the most common propels which lead to sexual dysfunction in women.

Painful intercourse – There are many problems which can cause pain while having intercourse. Some of these are poor lubrication, sexually transmitted disease, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, the presence of scar tissues because of surgery, a pelvic mass and vaginitis, to name a few. A condition known as vaginismus is also painful. It mainly occurs in those women who think that penetration will cause pain or may occur because of previous sexual trauma or sexual experience or because of sex phobia.

Inhibited sexual desire: It is all about lack or sexual interest or desire to have sex. The causes of this condition are many. Some of the most common causes are medical treatments as well as conditions like chemotherapy and cancer; stress, hormonal changes, fatigue, depression and pregnancy. 

If you feel that any of the above slated factors are affecting your sexual life then get in touch with a Sexologist to get the right treatment for any of the condition.