According to the federal data, there hasn’t been any increase in the number of women seeking for female fertility treatments in recent time. In spite of the increase in the awareness and also in the ease in availability of the treatment procedure, services are still underutilized. You might think, people in our generation are more open to the internet; they read a lot, so they will be taking advantages of these procedures as well. However, there are no such data that supports this theory. The data from the National Centre of Health Statistics seconds the fact as well.

These finding are based on a survey conducted on 22,686 people from both genders. As a part of this survey people in the age group of 15-44 years were questioned. However, the focus was mostly on those in the age group of 25-44. This is because; these are the ones who needs the fertility treatment more often. According to the survey 17% of the women in this age group with fertility problems have never been to a fertility specialist for female fertility treatments. The data shows that only 36% of women move in for female fertility treatments to get pregnant. Among them most are interested in common services like advises, fertility testing and ovulation drugs etc. Only 3% to 7% have tried ART to get pregnant.

Reasons for this are known. Firstly, the expenses incurred to opt for female fertility treatments. However, lately many fertility clinics, like Sridevi Fertility, have come up with customised payment solutions for the patients. They are quiet reasonable. The second reason might be that most women do not want to face the grim reality of not being able to conceive naturally. Lastly, some might think that everything might get well with time. When they actually decide on a treatment, it is already too late. So, at Sridevi Fertility we always advice our patients to start early.

Don’t waste time thinking if you really need help to become parents. Contact a fertility specialist before time runs out of your hand. Chances of a positive outcome from any fertility treatment, especially female fertility treatments are high, if they are started early.