The release of semen from the body is known as ejaculation. There are several cases of premature ejaculation coming up in recent time with unsatisfactory sexual life. Release or secretion of semen happens at the time of sexual encounter. Though there is nothing to worry regarding premature ejaculation if a man suffers from this problem, the couple will get less satisfaction from sex. 

The ejaculation process in men are controlled by the central nervous system of the body and it starts while men get stimulated during sex. This process takes place in two phases. The first phase is emission and the second phase is expulsion. 

  • Emission is the process while the sperm starts moving to the prostate from the testicles. Then it mixes with the seminal fluid and starts making semen. 
  • The second phase is the expulsion and in this phase, the muscles at the base of the penis get contracted. This process will actually help to force the semen to move out through the penis.

Men having the problem of erectile dysfunction majorly face premature ejaculation.In case you are facing such issues then it is advisable to meet an experienced sexologist to get solution and relief from the problem.

There can be several underlying causes behind the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Visiting a sexologist will help you to get a clear idea as what steps you need to take to overcome the problem and to have a pleasant sexual life with your partner. It can be due to Psychological Issues,medical issues or can even be due to aging.

After going through your cases history the sexologist will recommend your medication or exercises and it can even be both to treat the problem. Consulting reputed sexologist will increase your chance of recovery better. Select your sexologist with great care as the genuine one will help diagnose the probable cause behind your problem and eradicate it.