Health and Happiness!

The key to a healthy life is early detection of any disease.  The idea is to identify the disease before it causes irreversible damage. This applies to all chronic diseases like hypertension (high BP), diabetes or cancer. Among these the first two cannot be cured. However, cancer is curable if it is detected early. Let us discuss a few tips for healthy living that would benefit your dad.

The key to healthy life includes healthy habits like exercise, meditation and addiction free life. These three contribute to most of the chronic ailments. Tobacco contributes to more cancers than any other single risk factor. Healthy food habit is also very important in preventing diseases. Low calorie diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is far healthier than fatty food items. So, help your dad to inculcate these healthy habits.

There are some cancers that you should be aware of when it comes to your father and it is important that you get the screening tests done before symptoms start. These tests include a blood test for prostate cancer (PSA), a stool test for colon cancer and an ultrasound scan to look for internal organs. These are advised once in a year, once your dad is above 50 years of age. Also other tests for detecting heart ailments and diabetes are done at the same time. Remember that cancer is a painless disease until it becomes advanced. Do not allow him to wait on a painless symptom.

Here I am sharing my video on Early Detection of Cancer and Cancer Prevention.

This would be the best gift you can give you dad. Happy father’s day!