Today’s lifestyle is quite different from the time in which our parents and grandparents survived.Complexities, anxiety and several other emotion factors now work negatively on our body and create health issues. One such problem is erectile dysfunction. In recent days there is a considerable increase in the number of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. There are some facts and myths about ED prevailing in the market and it’s important to know the same. 

1. The first myth is that erectile dysfunction is common to see in aged men. It is true to some extent but it does not mean that aged men need to live with it. Older men can also have the same sex feel as they had during their young age and many men in this group enjoy happy sexual life with no ED problem. 

2. Young men think that ED is not for them. But this is completely wrong info. It is quite natural for men over 75 years of age to have ED but the young too can face it due to other health factors. If you are facing this problem at a young age at the time of sex meet a sexologist immediately for treatment and advice. 

3. Sometimes it is believed that erectile dysfunction is caused due to the lack of attraction of the partner. But, there are other reasons too which cause this problem in men.People suffering from heart disease or those who are under any medical treatment can face this issue. It is also believed that tablets are the only way to cure this problem but in many other natural ways, this problem can be rectified.

 4. ED is surely upsetting, but not dangerous for life. Well, we agree it’s not dangerous but can be a signal for other health condition like diabetes and heart problem.  

Above are a few of the prevailing myths about ED.