Do good foreplay by polishing the back and front of your partner. In order to provide blended orgasm to your partner, and for the best of sex, the position is everything. If this your first attempt at a blended orgasm, start out lying on your back, allowing your partner to penetrate you while you or they simultaneously stroke your clitoris.

Hands can get a bit tricky due to the space restrictions between the two bodies coming together create, it is strongly recommended that women try placing a pillow or two under their pelvis and having their partner keep their torso more upright.If you and your partner are struggling to find a rhythm that allows for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, try them one at a time.

Take turns allowing your partner to provide internal stimulation, and then have them pause and allow you to stimulate your clitoris. Repeat alternating between the two until you find a flow that works for both of you and allows you to stimulate both areas simultaneously.

The good news? This means you get to practice more—doctor’s orders. You get creative with exploring the different ways to bring yourself pleasure. Try mouth and hand, mouth and toy, different positions, like doggy style, and other creative ways to access these areas. Trust your intuition and go with what feels good.