The story began when Dr. Hahnemann, M.B.B.S., M.D., started facing problems in achieving a permanent cure for his patients. His patients with acute problems returned continuously with the same complaints recurring in either the same or increased intensity. His chronic patients returned after a time of relief with their complaints in a much distorted form. Being a humanitarian, he could not bear the sufferings of his patients and was not willing to make his living out of it.Thus, he quit his practice as an allopath and set out on a quest for the knowledge of the cause of disease and how to achieve a perfect cure.In order to earn his bread, he started translating books of well known authors from English to German. Once when he was translating Dr. Cullen’s Materia Medica, he came across a statement which said that Quinine cures malaria because of its bitter taste and it tonic effect on the stomach. This reason for a drug to establish cure for a disease was not accepted by Dr. Hahnemann’s rationalizing mind.Thus, he set out to perform a unique experiment which in course of time changed the understanding of disease and cure.Dr. Hahnemann took orally 4 drams of good China (Peruvian bark or quinine) everyday for a few days. To his amazement he was attacked with the symptoms of ague (malarial) fever.These symptoms subsided when he continued taking the same amount of China for a few more days.So for the first time in the history of medicine a deduction was made which gave birth to a full-fledged system of medicine called Homoeopathy.Dr. Hahnemann , after performing similar experiments on friends who were willing , concluded that “ A drug has the power of curing only that disease in a sick person , whose symptoms it has the power to produce in a healthy human being.” There after the principle of homoeopathy “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” or “LIKE CURES LIKE” came into being. This laid down the foundation of a system which follows strict principles and is based on the unshakable, unquestionable and inevitable laws of nature!The therapeutic law of nature says “A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in a living organism by a stronger one if the latter while differing in kind is similar to the former in its manifestation.” As mentioned earlier , Homoeopathy is based on strict principles, which should be kept in mind during the process of treatment. These are called the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of Homoeopathy.