We all love the phrase TGIF that is “Thank God It’s Friday!” The wait for two lovely days called Saturday and Sunday keep us driving for the whole week as for most of us weekend is meant for fun, friends and party. All these things have one thing in common and it’s FOOD!!

Our socialising events end up eating food always. The full week diet plans, yoga classes, exercise schedules, cycling and walks go waste when we eat like horses on the weekends. One should enjoy the weekends but enjoyment must not be the unhealthy food. Here are some tips to give you healthy and fit weekends:

Watch out what you are munching!

Munching the oily and fried snacks lead to weight gain especially the belly fat. Instead of binging on, keep some foods handy. Take fruits in between the meals if you really feel hungry. Healthy snacks like baked tomatoes, oats cookies, roasted makhane and almonds etc. are some really good options.

Bring out the kid in you

Go crazy over the fun activities like dancing, cycling, go carting etc. and make your weekend a cool one. Make a wish list of all the activities you are wishful for but do not get enough time during the week. It will be a win-win situation for you as you will have fun along with maintaining your health.

Control your buffet love

Going out for dinners with friends and having a wide variety of food options over gossip and laughter over the dinner table sounds awesome but doesn’t suit the health. So even if you love going for dinner, prefer A-La-Carte over Buffet and order baked food over fried one. Include salads in your order and have a glass of water before your meal.

Do not stop workout

Keep following your routine of physical activities like yoga, gym or cycling etc. During the weekend as well as you tend to eat more when you are in relax mode especially during holiday.

Limit alcohol intake

We generally end up every party and holiday getting drunk. Drinking with your social counterparts and relieving the week long stress is a good idea but it is not really great for the health. It adds up the fats to our body and spoils the health. Enjoy any of the drinks such as wine, vodka or anything you like but the limit the quantity. The maximum number of glasses can be 1 or 2 at a time.

Avoid sugary drinks 

Cold drinks are the most favourite of everyone whenever they are out for eating, shopping or partying, especially by the young gang and the kids. They stop drinking water and shift to these fizzy drinks. That is where we spoil our health with our own hands. Never ever include them in your diet. The sugar content is too high which leads to obesity. Instead of this, have fresh fruit juice or lemonade.