Nose bleeding can be serious?

Whether it may from excessive picking of the nose, BP, Summer/October heat or a pretty hard fall. Most nosebleeds go away soon but it can get very serious if you are not careful. (Couple of males get it with OTC drugs like Viagra without doctor's advice and land in such crises.)

Chronic Tobacco and alcoholic patients may get such issues wrongly assumed with Vomitus of blood through nose.

Simple way to control/stop it

  • Tilt your head upwards and apply ice on the bridge of the nose. It helps in stopping the blood outflow quickly. 
  • You can also stuff cotton in your nostrils while doing it.
  • Blowing your nose Help to clear the clots in the nose as they can prolong bleeding.

Is my nosebleed getting serious?

If the measures to stop the bleeding don't work, you are at risk to lose blood if you don't get medical help at emergency department. If you have regular nosebleeds then consult your doctor immediately as it could be a symptom of an underlying health condition like BP. It could make the nosebleed more severe if patient is on blood thinning drugs like Aspirin or Ecosprin.

If you suffer from a blood clotting disorder:

If the nosebleed is a caused by a trauma (hit during fights) or a fall or an accident and you are having difficulty in stopping the bleeding, get immediate medical help at the emergency wing of any hospital. All primary management is free at Trust/medical colleges. Doctors can accordingly fix/bandage/plug with medicines and ointments and you may need to breathe through your mouth for another 48 hours if serious.

Ayurveda shares Nasyam and  Virechana if it's a medical issues and if its a trauma then surgical intervention can be directed to ENT surgeon.