We celebrate Diwali each year with loads of sweets, savouries, gifts, fetes, parties, get-togethers and of course crackers. How can we forget crackers? The festival celebrations have barely died down when the spike in pollution levels post Diwali becomes the media’s favorite new topic of discussion and debate. Newspapers and medical journals carry regular stories on soared levels of particulate matter every year post festive season. The fact that rise in particulate matter goes hand in hand with the festive season of Dussehra and Diwali makes one wonder whether all the celebration was worth the price!

Dip in air quality in the NCR reaches dangerous levels post Diwali each year owing to incessant fireworks and crackers. Massive quantities of fireworks go up in smoke during the festival leaving a demonic toxic haze filled with noxious pollutants suspended over our heads.

Air pollution soars to hazardous levels across Delhi NCR each year a day after Diwali and is at times upto 20 times worse than what’s recommended by the World Health Organization. A survey conducted by WHO in 2014 found that 13 of the most polluted cities in the world were in India with Delhi being the front-runner in this race of doom.

Air pollution is also a leading cause of premature deaths in India, with about 620,000 people dying every year from pollution-related diseases, says the WHO. Children are the most vulnerable to developing lung ailments including asthma and bronchitis since their lungs are not fully developed and absorb much more air. This can severely damage their cognitive abilities and nervous systems. The rise in air pollution has serious health implications for all of us as air particles tend to get lodged deep in the lung cavities and can even enter the bloodstream.

There is no easy solution to the problem. Either we shun crackers completely and make Diwali totally pollution free or start looking for a solution that can keep our lungs clean and disease free over a long period of time. 

Salt Therapy is one powerful, natural and effective treatment to combat respiratory ailments caused due to exposure to high pollution levels called triggers or genetic factors. It is a world-renowned and scientifically proven therapy providing drug free solution to respiratory problems without any side effects. The therapy helps to clean airways and speed up muco-ciliary transport thereby enhancing body immunity. It is very effective and absolutely safe for children and even pregnant women.

So let the natural goodness of salt treat and heal you!