Most people indulge their hair with products like shampoos, conditioners,serums and so on to achieve a lustrous, and bouncy mane. Some even go one step further and employ exotic hair styling products like hairspray, mousse,gels, but the list is endless. However, even though these products beautify your hair, they also have the unwanted effect of being very harmful to your hair. They damage the natural strength and longevity of one’s hair and give riseto– hair fall, dandruff, rough, dry and frizzy hair, just to name a few. The truth is that our brand conscious generation has forgotten to actually pay attention to the ingredients that we subject our hair to. Some labels mention that the ingredients are ‘100% natural’, but in reality, harsh chemicals like paraben and formaldehydes are presented under a cryptic form or in another name. Moreover, we don’t read the small fonts at the back of the bottle where the devil lies.

If health is more important than beauty, you must use healthier alternatives that do not strip your hair of its natural nutrients. The toxic environment on your scalp is in dire need of a rehab. Here are some simple tips to control damage:

1. Get rid of Hair care Products

This is the start of a healthier lifestyle,either completely clean off your bathroom shelf or be an aware consumer that knows the ingredients and their side effects well.

2. Use home remedies to solve hair woes

It’s no mystery why our grandmothers possessed thick and long hair. The secret lies in the prowess of natural home items. Commonly found household items like eggs, henna, yogurt, lemons, aloe vera, curry leaves, hibiscus can be used to form a hair mask or oil which will give you stronger roots.

3. Home Made Conditioner

A soothing recipe for dry hair is to apply the sticky gel of Aloe Vera instead of a conditioner and then rinsing it off.You can also substitute Aloe Vera with curd or honey. Experience shiny and softer hair after just 2-3 washes.

4. To get rid of dandruff

Massage your scalp with coconut or almond oil mixed with a few drops of oil. Leave this on for 30 minutes before washing it off. Do this twice a week for uber-awesome hair.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Too much stress, lack of sleep or an unbalanced diet can result in hair troubles. Therefore, get adequate shuteye, eat lots of protein (nuts, pulses, meats) and consume at least 2 litres of water to have lustrous mound of hair for life!