Fall in the elderly, a serious issue:

Did you know that fall is a leading cause for injury in the elderly? The risk of fall increases as we age. Physical changes, health conditions and medications that the elderly take contribute to such fall. Also the living environment could contribute to such fall if not designed/setup appropriately.

Injuries ranging from fractures/dislocation of the wrist/hip to traumatic brain injuries can be the result of fall in the elderly. Such injuries impact the health & independence of elders seriously. The path to recovery in such cases could be long and traumatic. Not to forget the hardships that the care givers will go through during the recovery process (may be emotionally & financially as well).

These problems get compounded in present scenario where elders live alone and away from their children, non-availability of adequate insurance cover etc.

Can the elderly avoid fall?

Yes. It is possible to avoid fall with following precautionary measures.

  • Meet with the doctor to understand fall risk in your parent
  • Ensuring that they maintain physical activity, wearing comfortable shoes/footwear
  • Keep a regular check on their eye sight &hearing
  • Rearrange room to remove any objects or hazards [remove or move to side wire chords, coffee tables, loose mats etc]
  • Check for adequate light both in day and night
  • Provide for assistive devices [hand rails, grab bars in shower/toilet area, sturdy plastic seat while bathing, hand held shower nozzle, anti skid mats etc]