Doctor, I am not stressed…

…. it is just that I get splitting headache when my children don’t listen to me….

…. it is just that I get irritated when I am stuck in the traffic…..

…. It is just whenever I see his/her face, I lose my temper…

…. I just feel angry when they make me wait for my turn at the dentist/ for billing etc …

…. I feel vacuumed in my stomach when I board a flight / train.…

…..I just feel my life should end, when my boss/ husband/ wife/ father shouts at me!!


Normally our reactions are mentioned in this way. Most of the times we don’t realize Or we don’t want to accept it! Because saying ‘I am stressed’ is as if accepting that you have mental disorder!   It is not! Stress is not a mental disorder! In fact these are the daily stresses that all of us experience. No matter what our occupation is, No matter what our socio-economic position may be! Only the severity of the impact might differ individually.

So it is essential to realize-

  • What is affecting you?
  • How does it hamper your work & relations?
  • Will it be beneficial to reduce this ‘discomfort’ for further progress in life    


Let’s have a look at this research based graph: - 


           The graph of performance versus stress indicates, some amount of stress is essential for us to perform better (positive stress). Whereas, too much stress or too long exposure to stressful situation affects us in a negative way (distress).

For example, deadlines , exams and bill payments are positive stress created to  complete the work in time! Positive stress motivates us to perform better.

Stress may not be always negative but our response (to stressful situation) can be unhealthy.  It generates mental unrest leading to memory loss, anxiety, depression & even fear psychosis!  

Negative stress can lead to chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, Blood pressure, Asthma, Arthritis, Acidity, Ulcers, Skin diseases, hair problems, even Cancer! It causes hormonal imbalance, giving rise to women’s health problems! Managing stress is to maintain stress level at  positive! Yoga, meditation, breathing may give relief from stress. 

But for permanent solution to handle stress perfect diagnosis of causative factor &  correct implementation of behavioral  therapy are very  important! So, the solution is consult an experienced doctor to master the art of controlling stress.