Now that’s a great question! 

Yes, we all want that amazing physique, and we all want to be noticed by the opposite sex (Love Island bods springs to mind) - Is this reality? 

We are not all destined to become a toned or muscular sex god, or goddess! Just because you hit the gym 5/6 times per week, pumping those weights, stepping or running for hours on end trying to burn off those evil calories. 

Exercise can possibly help increase your Libido, and it can also reduce and even destroy it! Depending on how hard and how often you workout, there seems to be a fine balance between the right amount, and too much. 

Too much high-intensity exercise can result in: 1) Being too tired for sex 2) Losing interest in sex. 

There is no 100% scientific fact that proves this, yet - although it’s possibly down to physical tiredness and a change in hormone levels, brought on by the intense workouts. 

Some studies have shown that bodybuilding does reduce testosterone levels, but only for a short period afterwards of around 3 hours or so. 

Your overall fitness levels do play a big part in sex. Keeping fit and healthy whether it be by losing weight or lifting weights can have the following positive effects on yourself like: 

1) Increased Energy Levels 

2) Improved Fitness (Endurance / Stamina)

3) Improved Self-Confidence for both Men and Women, it’s all about having an improved body image.

We all want to reach a level where we feel great about our body, where it looks great and you know it. 

Through regular gym workouts and training, having an amazing body is likely to have many positive effects on your sexual life. You’ll be lean, muscular (hopefully) and very fit.