When we talk about weight loss everybody wants to lose weight who are surrounded by obesity or medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, PCOS etc. You know that it is very important to lose weight at this stage in order to live a healthy life in the future. Let’s find out the top reasons why people are determined to loose weight but yet take their step back which in turn adds more weight. 

  1.  Some of you may have tried dieting before to lose weight & must have lost as well but unfortunately in some cases you gain back weight. The simple reason may be crash/fad diet/soup or salads diet etc where you must be eating food in negligible amount which gives results on temporary basis, but when you come back to your normal routine, you gain double of what you had lost. It is a misconception that dieting is boring with no food & variety. It is not true in Healthy Mantra World. We believe if you want to lose weight you have to eat right.
  2. Oh god! I have to follow so many silly rules & give up all the favourite food. In Healthy Mantra we don’t make you follow any silly rules we teach you to tackle situation in smart & balanced way.

  3. When you think to start diet journey most common hurdle which comes firstly in many people mind is you have to eat less &starve themselves to lose weight which is not a true fact. A balanced diet means is combination of food which fulfills all your daily nutritional needs,satisfies your hunger with no starvation.

  4. A most common query which arises in every housewife’s & working women’s mind before they want to start with diet is that they have to cook separately for themselves & answer is “NO” a true dietitian will understand your lifestyle & will plan accordingly specially in Healthy Mantra we understand your routine,medical conditions,eating pattern,ethics & plan diet in such a way that you need not cook for yourself separately.

  5. All of us have busy Schedule Plus no time for ourselves, so removing time for any kinda physical activity not possible along with weight loss diet plan. Is this really mandatory to do exercise with diet plan? Fact is diet plays 90% role & physical activity plays 10%. In Healthy Mantra we plan your diet in natural way so you lose weight easily with no compulsory exercise.

  6. Due to sedentary lifestyle most of us do eat out in restaurants, do go in parties, weddings etc. if you are doing this how will anyone lose weight? Let us introduce to some real fact, living in this sedentary lifestyle it is not possible to completely stop this, even though you reduce it some things are unavoidable. So don’t hold yourself in Healthy Mantra we have every possible way to help you out whether you have parties, eating out or have wedding to attend.

  7. Most of us are working these days & do travel too due to work for meeting tour or have travelling work. So in this situation many of you think it’s again a red signal for them to go ahead.That’s not fact make that signal green! Yes, you heard right Healthy Mantra clients from all over the world travels due to work yet they lose weight with us in easy way.