We have just come over the hangover of festivities and now New Year is round the corner. We always ignore the heavy toll it takes on our skin during the festival celebrations. Partially it occurs as an effect of increased pollution and rest is due to the abrupt lifestyle and eating habit that we indulge into during this time. There are already bulk amount of toxins in the air which tend to hamper the skin by clogging of pore. These clogged pores can also happen as a result of heavy makeup leading to acne outburst, skin allergies and so on. The high glycemic food that we relish on also adds on to the problem. Here, we will be discussing about some do’s and don’ts that can help us detox after the festivities and get our radiant healthy skin back.

Hydration is the key: abrupt dietary changes reduced physical activity and increased pollution can end up in making your skin dry and flaky. So to prevent breakouts and flakiness it is extremely important that that you keep a close check on the water intake during the festival time. It is advised that to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water for healthy and supple skin. It plays an essential role in flushing out toxins from the body.

Diet Plan: It is inadvertently evident that we relish all kind of sweets and yummy food during the celebrations and forget about our diet plans. We all tend to consume high glycemic food and high glycemic food. Unhealthy food habits and reduced water consumption can lead to changes in skin. To cut down the effects of this dietary plan by adding on probiotics, yoghurt and salads. Try and incorporate the food items that make a balanced diet in form of green leafy vegetables. Adding high fibre food will also be beneficial.

Flushing out toxins by skin exfoliation: wearing heavy make up during the festivities take a heavy toll on our skin. Skin is already hampered due to prolonged use of heavy make during celebrations, we sometimes worsen up the case when we leave it on overnight. Pores get clogged leading to pimples and zits resulting in severe acne problems at times. To flush out the toxins follow regular exfoliation treatments. It is always advised to consult your dermatologist and undergo required skin regimen as per individual’s skin requirement. Basic clean ups that can help in removal of blackheads, whiteheads, and unclogging the pores can also be opted for to get smooth skin.

Sun protection: tanning is something that can happen to everyone due to exposure to sun, pollution and makeup. Always ensure sunscreen application to guard your skin from UV rays weather inside or outside the house.

Cleanse your skin correctly: Skin regimen is started with cleansing so correct cleanser marks the beginning of perfect skin routine. As skin is already traumatized by weather, pollution and make up so chemical cleansers can add on to the problem. To avoid worsening the situation opts for milk cleansers or water based cleansers that does not strip off the natural oil of the skin. Slight scrubbing once in two weeks can be done to remove impurities. Always understand your skin type before choosing cleanser, for normal to dry skin opt for non foaming cleanser.

Moisturisation is the key: no matter what your skin type is moisturisation is a must is this dry weather. You can choose your moisturizer depending on your skin type and concern. Further for dry skin types face oils can be added to the regimen to add extra boost of hydration. It also helps in fastening up the detoxification process.

Under Eye Care: late night celebrations and party preps have the essence of festive time. The stress and hard work involved in arranging and getting party ready is visible on face, especially the under eye area in form of dark circles and puffiness. We tend to neglect these small things. Simple home remedies can help you improve the condition and relief the stress that is visible. Rose water soaked cotton wool can be placed on under eye area for 15 to 20 mins at night will help brighten up the under eye by reducing stress and fatigue.

Opt for good medicated facials: we all look up to parlor treatments for the festive season in order to get ready for it. But it is advisable to take help from a specialist instead. You can always opt for medicated facials which are really beneficial for bringing back the glow and working upon the stress effects on the skin. Various treatment options available in our clinic like Oxy facial that hydrates and moisturizes the skin, instaglam that uses advanced laser technology along with incorporating the benefits of handcrafted masks. These treatments help in supplying active nutrients to reveal the fabulous skin during and after the festive time.

These detoxification tips will help you boost your hair and skin care routine during festivities. Follow these rituals to make sure that you keep dazzling forever even when the festivals get over.

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!