Hyperacidity is a condition with following symptoms - 1. Burning sensation in chest, throat; 2. Chest pain; 3. Indigestion, sour belching; 4. Tiredness; 5. Nausea, vomiting; 6. Headache, heaviness in body; 7. Mouth ulcer. 

It is becoming one of the most common problem due various reasons, regular intake of antacids is not the solution, by following some simple lifestyle and diet tips along with ayurvedic medicines one can easily win over hyperacidity. 

Don't (Foods to avoid

1. Eating without digestion of previous meal. Eating late night and skipping meals.

2. Oily, fried, spicy and heavy to digest food

3. Excessive tea, coffee, soda and cold drinks

4. Alcohol and smoking

5. Pickles, vinegar, cheese, curd, butter, chocolate and tomato sauce

6. Don't eat excessive salty and sour foods items

7. Fermented food like dosa, idli and bakery products

8. Urad daal, til, salad, leafy vegetables, onion and garlic 

9. Exercise or heavy physical work immediately after food

10. Stress and anxiety

11. Tight fitting clothes

12. Sleeping immediately after meal

13. Suppression of natural urges


1. Fix time of breakfast (8am), lunch (12-1pm) and dinner (6-8pm).

2. There should be minimum gap of 2-3 hours between food and sleep, avoid daytime sleep.

3. Do fasting once in a week. 

4. Eat Banana, papaya, apple, grapes, pomegranate, potato, karela, parval, drumstick, pumpkin, ash gourd, cucumber, amla, lemon, raisin and almond. 

5. Eat wheat, barley, sattu, old rice, moong, clove and  cardamom. 

6. Have sugar, honey and gulkand. 

7. Drink aloe vera juice, coconut water, honey water, coriander water, fennel water, Jeera water and cold milk. 

8. Take proper rest. 

9. Maintain healthy body weight. 

10. Regular yoga, pranayam to de-stress.