Weddings are filled with fun, glitters, laughter and also A LOT of food! 

This winter season is lined up with some crazy number of weddings and we have to keep fitting ourselves into that designer choli or masterji’s sherwani! 

But with that never-ending buffet spread, is that possible? 


Here are some practical and do-able tips which would keep you on track without missing on all the fun:

1. Skipping meals is the biggest No No! 

Trying to save the calories in the day for the night would undoubtedly be a foolish decision. In fact, indulge in a good high-fiber meal with veggies, this would keep you away from overdoing it in the evening.

2. Beware of the Buffet

The unlimited buffet can take a huge toll on your diet if you don't have a plan. The buffet is filled with a variety of foods and there is where your choices come in the picture. The low-fat salads, whole wheat pizzas(less cheese, obviously), hummus and pita, etc are healthy options which would keep your taste buds and you happy.

3. Active mornings

Yes, you read that right! Doing some physical activity in the morning for about 45-60 minutes would help you get rid of that bloat and also keep you energetic all day long and most importantly exercising refrains you from making unhealthy food choices. If it’s a destination wedding, then going for a swim or cycling around can be some fun options.

4. Plan ahead

The constant ‘Save the date’ and wedding invites are not going to let you forget about the wedding lineups. Planning ahead is the best you can do. Restrict yourself from the treats and eat small, frequent but healthy meals. Include antioxidants, fiber and protein in your diet.This would prevent your skin/hair or body from acting up last minute.

5. Portion control

Look at the buffet in a healthy way by filling your plate with a balance of all nutrients. Take a bowl of pulav accompanied with curd raita, a cup of stir-fried veggies or clear soup. Sharing could be a good idea when it comes to desserts as we know how hard it is to resist. Also, let the starters not end your diet, that is one course filled with refined carbs and oil. One or two pieces are good but beyond that is not suggested.

Let this wedding season be a ‘hit’ for the diet and not a ‘miss’. Choose your options wisely and keep portion control in mind. Let the big fat Indian wedding not lead to a big fat belly! :D