Physical exercises and dieting go hand in hand in reducing weight. You sometimes believe that there are many foods, which help you to lose weight. But in several cases they actually make it harder to lose weight. There are some foods, which needs to be avoided when you are dieting. 

Such foods are: 

Fruit juice

1. You might think that fruit juice is a preferable option when you are dieting because of the nutrient product they hold. But seems like that it is not the truth.

2. You should not consume calorie when you are dieting. As such, many people often resort to fruit juices to seek carbohydrates instead. Yet, in opposition to popular belief, fruit juices provide calories that people who are dieting would want to avoid. 

3. The natural sugars we find in fruits are not the same as the ones found in fruit juices. Fruit juices contain no fibre. Sometimes it is just as same as a can of coke.

Diet fizzy drinks

1. You think that diet sodas do not contain as much soda as normal soda, but it is just the same. The artificially sweetened beverages are same and contain the same amount of sugar.

2. In addition, these diet sodas stimulates your appetite and your urge to consume food increases. If you are someone with a sweet tooth then you can switch to sweet green tea instead.

Fake butter or margarine

1. You sometimes have a tendency to think that butter contains fat, but margarines don't. However it is not true, and as such margarine also does not help reduce weight.

2. The margarine products also contain trans-fats, which can prove to be very bad for your dieting regulation. It also increases the rate of heart diseases.

3. Apart from that, all the margarine products contain a high amount of omega 6, which is a kind of fatty acid.

Processed food with low fat

1. You think that in processed food the fat is removed from the food and as such these foods are harmless to consume while dieting. Yet, it is not so because most of the time a very high amount of sugar is added to processed food.

2. Some studies have shown that low-carb foods are more beneficial than low-fat food. The low-fat food does not help you to maintain the right levels of glucose tolerance.

3. Studies have shown that your rate of eating is increased up to 30% when you start thinking that you are having low-fat food.

Low-calorie snack bars

1. If you think that cereal bars are a very healthy thing to consume during diet then you are wrong.

2. Studies have said that 40% of cereal bars contain sugar. As it is artificially sweetened then it also contains glucose or fructose syrup which again is not good for your weight loss efforts.