India has become the Dengue capital of the world with the maximum number of cases being reported in the country. The abundant presence of stagnant water and innumerable potholes acts as an ideal breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the culprit responsible for spreading the infection.If not treated in time it can be life threatening.

As per the warning issued by the IMA ( Indian Medical Association), any fever is dengue unless proved other wise.In case you have fever, no matter what symptoms are , get your self checked for dengue, as early detection is the key to successful treatment.Unfortunately, still there is no medicine or vaccination available against dengue.The best way is prevention.

Do not allow water to accumulate in surrounding of your house. Use mosquito net while sleeping.Do not take any medicine except paracetamol if you have fever.The most important step in treatment of dengue is adequate hydration, so drink at least three litres of ORS every day.

Over so many years of observation and research we have recently learnt few new facts about this infection, that is people suffering from heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are affected more severely than normal people.Dengue antigen can react with medicines used to treat these conditions, for example with a commonly used medicine like aspirin. It can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and have delirious effects on blood pressure.Since till date we do not have any definitive medicine available against this virus, early detection is very important to save lives. Those who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes need to be extra cautious.