Often recurring in advanced age groups, dementia is now a common phenomenon in over 20% of the global population that can interfere with the subject's memory and decision-making capabilities due to various reasons that go on to affect the mental and nervous system at large. These days, where people are accustomed to a stressed lifestyle due to modern ways, even youngsters as early as their 30s have been facing a lot of symptoms that ultimately lead to the problems of dementia. 

What Causes Dementia At Large?

Dementia primarily occurs in people who are susceptible to brain damage and have weak nervous systems. As they begin to approach old age, their nerves leading to various parts of the brain, particularly the one that leads to the memory functions along with the sensory unit begins to weaken and lowers down on the efficiency. There can be many causes that can lead to dementia. For instance, genetic cases where there's a family history of Dementia are more susceptible to falling prey to this. Poor health habits such as smoking and lack of good health practices such as regular exercise along with mental exercise are primary causes. Above all, severe trauma and stress can be potential causes of dementia for several individuals.

Can Ayurveda Help with Dementia?

Long before Dementia is diagnosed, your body begins to tell you a lot about its symptoms and needs you to listen to it. Along with healthy habits like meditation and active exercises, it is important that you also take the help of Ayurvedic herbs that can improve your memory and rejuvenate your nerves to function well. Herbs like Shankhapushpi and Ashwagandha are great sources of good mental health along with memory power. Along with these measures, you should also try several dhyanasanas that can boost your memory and focus while you lead a content life withiyt dementia.