The winter season is approaching and if you're a seasonal sneeze-machine and have asthma, we tell you ways to counter the situation.

  • Cut down Stress: If you are under stress, Get enough Sleep. A sleep deficit can worsen both allergy symptoms and stress.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol can raise the risk of perennial allergic rhinitis.Bacteria and yeast in alcohol can produce  histamine which can cause stuffy nose and   itchy eyes.
  • Exercise Regularly: Exercise may slow down bodys release of histamines. A moderate intensity work-out reduces allergy symptoms.  If there's too much pollens outside , get on the treadmill.
  • Limit time around Pets: Having a dog or a cat at home may trigger asthma. Try to keep it out of bedroom.
  • Keep Plants Outdoor: Allergens in plant saps can diffuse into the air and can set off your sniffling.
  • Take your medicines regularly as prescribed: It is important to take asthma medicines regularly as prescribed to prevent severe asthma attacks.
  • Get Vaccinated: Infections can trigger asthma symptoms, so take your yearly flu shots.

Happy Winters.