As a child joins a day care centre, many parents observe their child falling sick frequently after joining a playschool/daycare centre. This can be attributed mainly to the underdeveloped/developing immune systems of the younger kids who also get more predisposed to contracting infection when they get exposed to other kids in the daycare set up who may be sick/unwell. Though the possibility of falling sick can’t be prevented entirely, here’s what can be done to minimize the chances of your child falling ill.

1. Encourage hand hygiene in your child. Teach him/her how to wash his hands and remind him to do so between activities and before eating — throughout the day. 

2. Make sure caregivers routinely wash their hands before and after diapering or helping a child blow his nose because this will also prevent germs from spreading.

3. The centre or preschool you choose should preferably have an established and well-enforced policy of not allowing sick children to attend. Smaller-size daycare centres may be better too since he/she will be exposed to fewer kids.

4. You can also take steps to keep your child's immune system as strong as possible, to help him fight off infection which can be done by   

  • Ensuring regular and timely vaccination for common vaccine-preventable communicable diseases like Chickenpox and  Flu etc.       
  • Offer a good variety of foods to help him/her obtain the best nutrients and vitamins he can from his diet.
  • Make sure he's getting enough rest and exercise every day.