The corporate culture is killing the concept of healthy “ME” and life. Early morning start but no fix time of going home, sleep, food, rest or workout. We put our health at the last spot in every aspect.

There are many health issues which strike a corporate employee early than the expected age. Recently I met around 130 people from corporate background for a health check up. The age group was between 20 to 40 years.  What disturbed me the most was, being as young as they all were; there were certain health issues which were prominent amongst most of them-

  1. 95% of them were overweight and this was more in males. Off course, married female employees especially who had babies were struggling for their health but single females were still coming clean with overweight issues.
  2. After obesity the second most prominent factor was cholesterol. Fat percentage was high in almost 85% males and 50% females.
  3. Spondylitis and Migraine were very common.
  4.  Irregular food habits, smoking, drinks, late night parties, sedentary life style and many other terrible things were creating a house of ailments in many of them.
  5. The “Gym Trend”- I am not against going to gym but untrained instructors, deficient pattern of diet and long run effects of wrong exercises worries me.

So what to do? I mean we have to live in this world, so something can be done for the betterment of health.

Some suggestions which can help-

  • Never miss your breakfast- eat a good heavy meal for breakfast. Include fruits, nuts and whole grains. These things are handy and need no preparation.
  • Drink loads of water- keeping yourself hydrated will help you in detoxification and also in weight loss.
  • Walk- If you have no time at your home then do it at your office- huge buildings, nice green open gardens and stairs are present in all offices.
  • Include curd or buttermilk in your lunch on everyday basis.
  • Avoid fried or refined food items for lunch; rather go for home cook meals or simple food.
  • Don’t take too much caffeine or carbonated drinks- water is always available everywhere, drink that.
  • Alcohol and cigarette are not your best buddies- avoid or leave them.
  • Take your dinner early and light.
  • Walk every day after dinner.
  • Go for routine health checkups.
  • People with sitting jobs should take a break after each 1 hour.

Your health is more precious than any other thing in this world, so give it more attention.