Sex is strongly connected to our psychological, physical and emotional health and determines our happiness and relationships to an extent. For many people out there, sex is the most thrilling and exciting part of a relationship and gives immense contentment and pleasure. For such couples, it is much more than a pillar of strength as it helps in boosting confidence as well as trust in their relationship through a satisfactory sexual life.

Only a few years before, seeking the advice of a sexologist was no less than a taboo. People were never comfortable sharing their intimate moments even with the specialist who can help them stay fit and healthy. However, the scenario has changed completely now. People are willing to discuss their sexual life with the sexologist so that they can get timely as well as effective treatment. Ego clashes, competitive lives and individualistic thinking theory have together contributed to the situation that couples are no longer able to share intimate moments for a long time. Thus, the need to visit a sexologist today is greater.

Unfortunately, many couples are not able to enjoy their sexual life to the fullest. Many struggle as they are not able to find answer to their problems. As people have failed relationships, they are not able to enjoy the act itself. We all know that human relationships are complex and sex is an inevitable part of it.

Visiting a sexologist for the following sexual health related issues is the first step:

1. Reproductive issues – Sexual well-being is directly related to reproduction. Male and female infertility issues have risen over the years. Birth control options that couple choose for preventing pregnancy and measures couple incorporate to have healthy pregnancy are all covered under sexual health. 

2. Lack of desire or Low libido – It is one of the most common cause for conflict between couples. In this situation, one partner wants more sex in comparison to the other. 

3. Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation - These are two common sexual issues faced by men. Reasons for it could be many starting from emotional to physical to lifestyle stress.

4. Testing for STDs is another reason one could visit a sexologist.

5. Other issues include - vaginal dryness & painful intercourse (women) and low sperm count (men).

Apart from these, if you are have issues such as inhibitions, fears and loss of interest because of previous experiences, then also achieving marital bliss might become a challenge. A sexologist can help you get the right and suggest effective treatment so that you can make the most of your sexual life.