Do you often feel stressed and depressed in life? This may be due to the tight scheduled professional life and no time for self. In this competitive world, everyone is fond of earning money and there is no end to this desire. A Sexologist in Delhi helps to determine the connection between sexual performance and depression. Such experts reveal that brain circulates blood flow as per the sex desire to different sexual organs. In the case of depression, brain circulates blood along with different chemicals that do not function properly and leads to low sexual desire and other sexual problems.

This problem mostly occurs in male due to different responsibilities in life and situations that lead to a stressed and depressed mind. This condition definitely shows signs of low sex and mood swings. For couples experiencing this can easily experience in their physical relationship.  Sexologist in Delhi also says that over 50% of males between age 25-35 years suffer from erectile dysfunction due to depression, poor diet, and other physical problems. Just visit the best clinic and get the actual problem diagnosed. Depression can lead to certain male sexual problems like – erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, feelings of stress, frustration, anxiety,etc.

A professional and experienced Sexologist Doctor in Delhi believes that a proper diagnosis, medication and therapy is required to provide complete recovery from such male sexual problems. There is a high requirement of change in lifestyle to ensure that such problems do not return in life at any stage. Experienced sexologist also says that poor sexual performance or sexual disorders are due to work stress, anxiety and bad lifestyle. So this is the right time to consult a sex expert doctor and take a step towards the better health to enjoy real relationship at any age of life.