Marriage Counselor or Relationship Expert identify two types of couples that succour in understanding some of the dynamics of relationship depending on their behaviour, choices or personality between them. The two types of couples are; the complementary and symmetrical couples. Both types of couples are in a relationship due to the attraction factor which may gradually lead them into falling in love. Attraction can be physical/sexual, intellectual, spiritual, entrepreneurial and friendship. Nothing in this world comes in its pure form. These two types of couples may exist in many combinations of symmetrical/complementary varying from the midpoints to the end poles.

Complimentary Couples

Complimentary Couples are couples who are opposite in personality and have different approaches to life. One may be right oriented and the other left-oriented on the level of the brain functioning. In simple words, the couple thinks it to be a perfect match as the trait of both may add advantage to one’s weaknesses. Individually they might want different things or have different habits. One may be a fitness freak and the other a lazy one. They may also have the different set of priorities in their life. Couples with such collateral or parallel needs or goals in life end up with two reflections.

  • Benefits

As a team, the couple can handle a variety of problems because of their different ways of looking at the problem. They may help each other by teaching the different ways to tackle challenges. This would, in turn, enhance their personal self-growth. Due to their different ideologies, the partners can discuss and discover new things about each other. Hence verbal communication is the primary modality for them. These differences may also end up being limitations for these couples.

  • Limitations

In complementary couples, the difference of opinions may end up being a bane. If a decision taken by one of them turns out to be a wrong one, the other partner would blame and quarrel with the other. Instead of understanding and learning about each other’s perceptions and behaviour they would end up blaming and criticizing each other. They do indulge in sexual relationships but it depends upon the rhythmic or pattern coincidence between the partners that depend on non-verbal behaviour. At times when the pattern is limited, it might be satisfactory for both of them which may remain unspoken for a while. They may also come to a stagnant point in their marriage where there is nothing more to learn about each other and so there is nothing left between the two to interact for hence lowering their overall communication.

Symmetrical Couples

Couples who have the similar kind of understanding and approaches to life fall in this category. They perceive the world in the same manner where they have similar traits, hobbies, characteristics, background, experiences and other factors. They basically form mirror images of each other. There is no much difference between their decision making and thoughts. They have a high internal force as they see the same side of the coin when compared to other couples. With such an understanding come its bright and dull sides.

  • Benefits

The coupling has a balance in the relationship as the mindset of both the partners is similar. They may understand and feel what the partner may be going through in case of any hurdle in life and empathize better. They share a similar wavelength with each other and know better what the other partner’s situation might be or how he/she would react. They tend to be involved in non-verbal communication. Their sexual relationship is quite frequent and quite satisfactory depending on their situation of rhythm and pattern.

  • Limitations

Due to their sharing similar thoughts, their conversations get limited. Partners with the same behaviour pattern may create problems in a relationship as they would behave in the same manner. Like if both do not like resolving conflicts then those problems end up being unresolved hence preventing them to build a healthy relation ahead. They may go through a time that they neither want to stay together or apart.  This would just turn to be toxic for both of them.

All partners go through rough patches in their relationship. Partners may help each other towards development to self-growth and maturity. But after a certain time, the person’s choices or point of views may tend to differ causing them to look for a relationship outside of their union.  These differences may be resolved with the help of a neutral individual i.e. a professional relationship counsellor/marriage counsellor. The relationship counsellor/marriage counsellor would help the couple or the individual to understand better. Relationship counsellor/marriage counsellor helps to deal with conflicts in a better way which is likely to be more constructive for both individuals.