Some patients fear hair transplant. It is probably the word ‘transplant’ that plays with their psychology. Well, FUE hair transplant is an absolutely safe hair regrowth procedure. Like all other procedures, it may have side effects but much as the other procedures, these side effects are also localized and temporary.

Some common hair transplant side effects are:

  1. Slight discomfort
  2. Redness or slight bleeding at the site
  3. Crusting at the donor site or the recipient site, area from where hair is removed or implanted
  4. Itching, as the wound heals
  5. Swelling of the scalp
  6. Minor infection in the treated area
  7. Inflammation in the treated area
  8. Temporary numbness in the treated area

To sum up, side effects from a hair or beard transplantation are usually minor and clear up within a few weeks. We prescribe topical creams to enhance healing. You must ensure to get it done by a certified hair transplant surgeon.