Weight loss is not easy because there is excessive information on healthy food and weight loss tips that guarantee to give you results. Weight loss advice is mostly given out on social media and other unreliable sources and trusting them may harm your health in the long run and also make you put on weight, rather than helping you lose it.

Weight Loss Nutritionist Avni Kaul says it is vital to losing weight in a healthy way as crash diets and faulty weight loss methods can wreak havoc with your metabolism as well as the quality of your hair and skin. It is essential to give your body the correct nutrition, even as you work to cut out empty calories and unhealthy foods from your diet. However, there are specific weight loss diet tips that all of you have internalised as healthy, but those are in fact myths that you all should stop believing in.

Staying away from these weight loss myths will not only assist you to lose weight in an efficient way but will also make sure that you stay healthy as well. Here are those myths.

Skipping Meals Is Beneficial

It is beneficial for your metabolism to eat proper meals during the day and good metabolism are vital to quicker weight loss. Skipping breakfast is particularly bad for your weight loss goals so check what is on your plate, but do not skip any meal.

Sugar-Free Foods Are Better

Artificial sweeteners and weight reduction are often associated together. But it has been seen that by having products with artificial sweeteners in them, you might be consuming as many calories as you are with daily products. Sugar substitutes have the ability to decrease your calorie consumption but they are not providing any guarantee.

Raw Food Is Better As Compared To Cooked Food

Raw foods have gained popularity over the years and have eventually been linked with weight loss as well. But cooked foods are actually more nutritious than raw foods as cooking activates the nutrients inside the food and makes them instantly available for absorption by the body.

All Carbohydrates Are Bad

Carbohydrates have a bad reputation among people hoping to lose weight- this is the reason why low-carbohydrate diets have become so popular. But carbohydrates through whole grains and fruits are essential for a healthy body and mind. Moreover, throwing out one full food group from your diet is not good for weight reduction as it is not sustainable and people look to cheat more often on low carbohydrate diets.

Keep Distance From Fats

Not every fat is bad. Some might even assist you in weight loss. Having polyunsaturated fats can, in fact, help your body burn more fat. Therefore, having foods like coconut oil, ghee, egg yolks, nuts can help in weight loss.