Night Discharge also known as wet dreams is a typical sexual problem found in the male. It happens when the male sexual organs perform involuntarily especially when they are in sleep and witnessing some dream which may be or even may not be an erotic one in nature. It is known as wet dreams because after witnessing such type of dream when men get up they find them in wet clothes. This happens because the fluid-carrying sperms name semen gets released automatically from the penis. There are some prevailing myths about Night Discharge which is important for all to know to stay safe and undergo any Night discharge treatment.

  • Sperm counts reduce due to the night discharge: There is no scientific evidence to prove the same. It is a natural process which clears the testicles for removal of old sperm encouraging new and healthy sperm to develop.
  • Immunity system lowers down due to tonight discharge: Many believe wet discharge leads to low immunity causing frequent cold and cough. It has no role in the immunity system and helps in the reduction of excess sperm in the body.
  • Wet dreams are common in puberty stage: Wet dreams are indeed common to see in the puberty age, but it is equally common to see in men of different adult age group. 
  • It is a sign of illness: No way can we defame night discharge as a sign of illness. It is very natural to have it in men of all ages. It indicates a healthy male sexual organ functioning. 
  • Penis size reduces because of Night charge: There is no such scientific evidence to prove the same. No way it can reduce the size of the penis in men.

Apart from the above, there are various other myths about wet discharge which are discussed by many. For better information in this regard and for Night discharge treatment you can meet reputed sexologist for the same.