Cigarette smoking is a distasteful (metaphorically and literally) habit. Knowing how smart and well-informed you readers are, it is safe to assume that you know this already. However, below is a useful resource comprising of some harsh facts coupled with some easy steps which could be taken to at least somewhat alleviate the ill-effects of smoking. If you or someone you know is slave to this toxic dependency, we do hope that the table below helps expedite the quitting process.

1Oxidative damageYour body is going through damage on a cellular level  also known as oxidative damage and dangerous free radicals are being released. Think of free radicals as goons. They are freely walking around inside your body destroying and damaging everything And fresh and local fruits  and  vegetables along with  Vitamin C and Vitamin E  supplements into your  diet.  These foods and  supplements  have anti-  oxidant properties  and  will together counter the  oxidative damage that the  body is going through.  Think  of them as a cop  who will  finally find and  arrest the  goons (at least  some if not all) who are  causing disruption
2InflammationSmoking causes inflammation of the arteries. Inflammation inhibits the ability of arteries to expand properly,  thereby prohibiting the proper delivery of nutrients to all cells and sapping energy Add anti-inflammatory  foods to your diet.

 Sources: Peanuts,  almonds.  Use turmeric  (haldi), ginger  and garlic  while cooking as these  have anti-inflammatory  properties as well

3Nutrient deficienciesYou are more prone to vitamin deficiencies since nutrients don’t
get absorbed as easily
 Have wholesome, healthy  meals and a good baseline  diet. Along with that, you  may consider  supplementing  Vitamin  D, calcium, folate  and  omega-3. Common food    sources of these nutrients:

 Paneer, milk, dairy  products,  lentils/daal,  palak/spinach,   orange,  eggs

4Heart troublesSmoking accelerates the build-up of fatty deposits and cholesterol in the arteries. Each time you smoke, blood vessels become sticky from the chemicals in the tobacco which leads to fat collecting and sticking to the artery walls Strengthen the heart  muscle via regular  exercise. Exercise would  also lower your  cholesterol levels and  mobilize these fatty  deposits. Spend 60  minutes 3-4 days/week  doing cardiovascular and  strength-based workouts
5Lung troublesIt causes damage to the air sacs and airways in your lungs (surprise, surprise!) As mentioned above, a  strenuous full body  exercise regimen to  strengthen both the heart  and the lungs would be  worth your while. This will  increase blood circulation  and help eliminate  residual smoke from lungs
6More lung troublesSmoking damages cell clusters like alveoli and bronchioles which are present in the lungs Adding polyphenols  (plant-based molecules  which have anti-oxidant  properties) to the diet  could repair them to some  extent. Food sources:  Rice, sprouts, apple,  cumin/jeera
7Accelerated aging (yikes!)Owing to all the oxidative damage, smoking makes you look old and wrinkly Drink ample water to flush  out toxins and seriously  consider adding that  workout we mentioned  earlier. Not only will it rid  your body of toxins, it will  give you that much  needed  natural, post-    workout  glow
8TriviaNiacin (a type of B vitamin) has a chemical composition similar to nicotine. It attaches to certain receptors and reduces addiction Consider including a  niacin supplement into  your diet. Food sources of  Niacin: Green peas,  bananas, apricots, dates
9Weakened sense of taste and smellYour sense of taste and sense of smell is blunted due to nerve damage Other than quitting, there  isn’t much else you could  do to regain these senses
10 More triviaSome studies show that alcohol, caffeine and red meat consumption may increase smoking urges If you identify a pattern    and find this to be the  case, be judicious with  your usage

The table above was but a tiny glimpse into all the ill-effects of smoking. We could go on about how it weakens your immune system, affects those around you etc. However, if you’re a smoker, you’re already quite the expert when it comes to hearing endless rants. That’s not what we want to do. We merely want to give you some tangible tips to incorporate into your current lifestyle as you work through the quitting process.

Good luck!