The name is peculiar: Chikungunya. It comes from an African tribe and means “that which bends up”. The disease was given its name because it led to the affected persons walking in a stooped posture. Chikungunya Fever is a viral disease caused by Chikungunya virus and is transmitted to humans by the infected Aedes mosquito.  The symptoms of Chikungunya viral infection are high fever with severe joint pains. The joints also show swelling and stiffness. Other symptoms include rash on skin and petechiae (red or purple discoloration on skin due to bleeding from vessels under skin). There is also a loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, headache and backache. The fever inChikungunya infection usually subsides within threeto four days, but the joint pains continue for weeks, months and even years in a few persons. The Homeopathic mode of treatment ensures complete relief from the symptoms of Chikungunya Fever. TheHomeopathic medicines for chikungunya fever are made of natural substances and have zero side effects. The Homeopathic treatment for chikungunya fever is absolutely safe and can only benefit the patient, never harm.

Is Homeopathy effective in treating Chikungunya?Yes, Homeopathy is an effective therapeutic option to tackle viral fevers

Common Medicines:::Eupatorium Perfoliatum,Rhus Toxicodendron,China,Arnica,Belladonna,Bryonia,Pyroginum,Cedron

Prevention and control

There is no vaccine available against this viral infection. It is imperative to take every precaution to avoid mosquito bites and to identify the sites contusive for mosquito-breeding.