Disaster, whether it is natural or man-made, is directly proportional to the disease outbreak. From few weeks, Chennai is already going through this disaster in the form of floods. Waterlogging, damage, shortage of food, residents with no electricity, which is doing a lot of harm to people’s health and peace of mind. Let’s read more about the health risks that generally occur during these calamites. Also to overcome them, follow these health tips to lead a normal life.

Health risk

The major health risks that prevail during natural calamities are-:

1. Injuries

2. Skin infections

3. Mosquito borne infections

4. Illness from drinking or eating contaminated water and food.

Follow these tips to stay healthy during cleanup and recovery.

How to avoid water borne diseases and various infections

  • Be careful of contaminated water and food. Local body will convey you if the water is not in a condition to drink. Otherwise boil water and cool it before drinking

  • Watch out for snakes and other harmful reptiles after getting into the house. Immediate first aid and medical assistance is a must if you are bitten by a spider, mosquito or snake. Make sure to wear fully covered attires in your daily routine

  • Protect your skin from cuts. See a doctor if the wound is dirty, red, swollen or painful

  • Wash your hands and keep your wounds covered

  • Throw out extra garbage and debris. Contact your local authority regarding waste disposal

  • Turn on electrical appliances only after making sure they are completely dry

  • Use mosquito repellant at your home and on your skin

  • If you have pets, keep a check on their hygiene parameters. It might affect your health if they are infectitious

  • Take bath properly using disinfectant soap