Sex is an extremely important ingredient to live a happy and contented life. It is a gift with which couples are bestowed. It not only lets you live a happy married life, but also strengthens emotional bond and intimacy between couples. However, there is every possibility that couples might end up experiencing sexual problems which can result in relationship distress. There are several reasons that can cause sexual problems. The most common ones include: 

Disease – If either of partners is suffering facing from any type of sexual disease, then it could make intercourse difficult and painful. If the problem is not treated timely and properly then it will only make things difficult. 

Previous sexual trauma - A woman who has encountered sexual pain previously might find it extremely difficult to enjoy intercourse later on. Such women find it difficult to adapt to sex in marriage. 

Alcohol – Extreme use of alcohol can interfere with sexual life making it difficult for both to enjoy intercourse to the fullest. Alcohol reduces sensation.

Lack of privacy – Complete privacy is something that all couples need to have a great sexual life. If there is lack of privacy, it gets uncomfortable for both and the couple will not be comfortable and relaxed while having sex. This lingering stress affects lubrication, thus leading to a failure to achieve orgasm.

Misconceptions about sex – There are many people who have many misconceptions related to sex. They have this misconception that sex is a taboo. It is important to get rid of misconceptions before indulging in any sexual acts.

Hormonal changes – There are hormones like oestrogen which play an important role in ensuring that vagina of a female remains wet. However, with the onset of menopause, the production of this hormone might reduce causing vaginal dryness, thus making it difficult for woman to enjoy intercourse. 

In addition to the above reasons, poor eating habits, lack of regular exercise and meditation, stressful lifestyle are among other common reasons for sexual problems. Meet a Sexologist immediately to overcome sexual problems.