Stress is a psychological condition in which there is an overload of feelings when things become difficult to handle. Stress has a bad effect on both mental and physical health.  

Stress may cause one to lead a faulty lifestyle like improper eating habits, sitting/sleeping all day, inadequate water intake, no exercise, improper use of medications, smoking and so on. All these can cause constipation which can further lead to piles. Bowel problems are conman with anxiety which alters hormones, changes digestion speed and puts significant pressure on your intestine. Chronic and sporadic stress leads to disturbance of regular bowel movements and ends up causing constipation which is one of the major reasons for haemorrhoids.

The best way to tackle stress is by talking about it, seeking help, yoga, counselling from a specialist etc. Proper eating habits, enough intake of water, regular exercise can help you with reducing the risk of having piles and other digestive problems. There are various treatments available for piles.