A tattoo which was once a great fashion can become boring after some time and one start regretting. No worries tattoo can be removed permanently by lasers.

  • Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective modality of treatment for all sizes and most colored inks.
  • Tattoo is made by a motorized needle which pricks skin with a small needle and at the same time injects different inks into your skin to get desired picture.
  • Fractional Q switched ND YAG laser is ideal treatment for removing tattoo permanently.

How does Fractional Q switch Nd YAG laser works?

  • Fractional Q Switched Nd YAG laser works by breaking down the pigment with high intensity laser light.
  • Laser basically targets tattoo ink of different colors depending on its chromophore without damaging normal structures of skin.
  • The broken down fragments of tattoo ink are taken away by Macrophage scavenger cells in the skin which are part of body's defence mechanism and removed .

How many sitting of laser are needed for complete results?Ideally around 4-8 sittings are needed for desired results at a gap of 4-6 weeks.Which all colored inks can laser target?

  • Fractional Q switched Nd YAG laser can remove Blue, Black, Brown and Red tattoo very effectively.
  • Green tattoo doesn’t absorb laser due to different wave length and chromophore so bit difficult and may need more sessions .

How painful is this treatment?

It is not a very painful treatment. Pain factor is totally subjective and also depends on depth and thickness of ink.

What are the after effects of Laser tattoo removal?

  • After effects can be immediate or delayed.
  • Immediate are redness, swelling, crusting and mild pain,
  • Long term effects other than complete clearance of tattoo, there can be rarely ghost effect (shadow effect) where skin may not get original color, there can be incomplete removal,
  • One should avoid direct sunlight for 5-7 days and need to apply antiseptic cream for a week.