Deepak was now well settled in his company. He was working as a manager for a team of 7 people. 

He visited my clinic for Erectile Dysfunction.

When he visited my clinic I first noticed his obesity.

"Doctor I started from executive level in this company & today I am a Manager." Deepak replied when I asked him about his career.

"As the responsibilities increased so increased the timings of office & so increased the coffee &junk food consumption."- He replied when asked about his obesity.

" And what about alcohol & smoking" - I asked.

"Smoking once a day, and drinks occasionally - may be once a week" - He replied.

"Your weight is 87 kg?" I asked him looking at case paper.

He replied "Yes".

"What efforts are you taking for weight loss?" - I asked.

"Nothing as such, I mean there no time due to hectic schedule. But I am suffering from Erectile Dysfunction & why are you asking about my obesity?" - Deepak was curious and surprised about my questions.

"Because they are co-related" I replied.

"How?" - Deepak

"Obese men are 2½ times more likely to experience ED than those of normal weight" - I said.

"Firstly obesity leads to cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries which supplies blood to the penis & this drastically reduce penis blood supply which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction.. " Deepak was listening curiously "and also obesity leads to lowering the production of testosterone - the male hormone which has direct effect of lowering libido & decreased energy levels."Deepak seemed surprised & anxious listening me.

" Yes doctor, my libido is decreased from past few months. My wife also noticed this. I thought it might be due to work pressure & I ignored it." said Deepak.

" So now what doctor. I hope its nothing serious?" Deepak was little worried.

"Its treatable Deepak.. we will start medicines soon.." As I replied this there was a relief on Deepak's face.

We immediately started medicines. 

We focused our medications on reducing arterial cholesterol deposits, improving blood flow to penis & to normalise his libido.

It took 2 months for the treatment. And Deepak recovered completely. 

Thanks to Deepak who also contributed to treatment by loosing weight & avoiding junk food.

He is Happy Now.!