Yes, sexual problem in men is just a common health issue for which there is nothing wrong to be concerned about. And yes, you should visit a sexologist to get cured. However minor you may think the problem is, but it can be huge enough to destroy your relationship. The most common reason for divorces is sexual dissatisfaction in women. Even if you are getting satisfied but not your partner, then too you must visit the best sexologist in Delhi. 

Treatments for sexual problems in men:

  • Medications prescribed by the doctor- You can take medications prescribed from a sexologist to cure your sexual problems.
  • Mechanical machines or aids-There are many machines in market like penile implants  and vacuum devices which help you deal with erectile dysfunction
  • Visiting a sex therapist- There are many sex therapist in Delhi who will help you deal with your issue.
  • Psychotherapy- A trained counselor can give you therapy to come out of a past sexual trauma which you may have encountered or can also help you with your guilt about your sexual performance, body etc.
  • Communication or education about the problem-It is essentially important to communicate freely about your problem with your wife,partner or doctor. An honest communication builds a trust and then you can both work together to get cured. Men need to be educated and eased about their sexual problems so that they can freely visit a sexologist.

Cure for sexual problems: Sexual problems can be easily cured just like any other health issues you face in normal course of life. All you need is proper counselling,therapy, and education to be open about your sexual problems.

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