(4)  Key points for goodsex life- Non Genital Touching

TOUCHING YOUR PARTNER FOR PLEASURE ONLY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT FOR A GOOD SEX LIFE. It is the best aphrodisiac in the world but people use it miserly. It is a most sensuous gift of nature. You can touch each part of your partner’s body, with and without clothes, using as much surface of your own body. You can rub with palms, face, back of hands, inside of arms, or legs. You should touch/massage the head , face, neck, shoulders, front and back of torso, buttocks, inside of thighs, back of knees, calf, soles and toes  from all sides. You can choose a body lotion of your choice with pleasant fragrance, or even with bare hands but using baby oil is a good option. You should ban touch on the genitals during first phase of exercises. You should be selfish enough to experience the pleasure so making requests regarding what you want is crucial.

  1. Take a bath together, preferably with warm water. Try to feel comfortable with each other’s nudity. You can soap each other’s body, loudly naming the part of the body you are dealing with. Use any local language forthe part, sophistications can kill sex. Slowly move downwards but by pass the genital organs during the journey.
  2. Take turns; one can be pleasure giver and other receiver. The receiver can close his/her eyes, need not speak but only feel the waves of pleasure and make a mental note of what was feeling the best. After one finishes, roles can be reversed so that both the male and female partner gets achance
  3. Dry each other with a clean fluffy towel. Go the bed room nude, if possible or you can wear a gown and get rid of it after reaching bedroom.
  4. You can put on a light music, the light should be medium (neither too dark nor too bright), just enough to see your partner’s body clearly. Some people prefer total darkness in room so they lose a very important component of sex play that helps you to keep up the arousal level.