Quite a lot of people seek help complaining of having to go to toilet immediately after food. They induce in
self-medication to prevent it mostly in the form of acidity medications. They worry they have problem of absorption/digestion. While one simple answer is its not serious.

Unless you loose weight significantly then there is no problem with absorption or digestion.

If you observe children then you will get the solution. Most children, when they are small go to toilet immediately after food and as adults we tell its wrong and over the time they stop doing it.

Sensation to go toilet after eating food is normal. Its called Gastro-Colic reflux. When one eats food and stomach gets distended sensation is sent to brain to let it know there is new food in stomach and its going to need space. Normally brain makes space by emptying any waste in the colon which is from the food consumed day before so it in-turn sends signal to colon to empty waste. But as adults we train our body to ignore the signal and wait for appropriate time and place, and with time it stops sending the signal unless its absolutely necessary.

In people who are facing the problem the Gastro-Colic reflux is exacerbated that’s all and we need persistently retrain our body if we wish to do so.

One can be assured the motion which goes out is never the food that was consumed few hours ago. Its waste from the food consumed day before.

What are the remedies for constipation?

For one pass motion normally one should

  1. Eat enough fiber: This is readily available in all fruits, vegetables and green leaves.
  2. Drink at least 3 liters of water/ day
  3. Exercise: One should not expect their intestines to be mobile if they lack physical activity. Exercise does not mean gym it could be simple walking.

One should avoid medicines till above three natural requirements are met. Only if you done all the above and still constipated then you should use medicines. It is best to avoid medicines as otherwise to open bowels you will need medicine and any long term usage of medicine is not recommeneded.