The use of Botox or botulinum toxin type a in antiageing was a serendipitous but a pathbreaking discovery in the mission for everlasting youth. It was heralded as a non surgical convenient alternative to the painful facelifts of the past. The disappearance of wrinkles and age lines with a few injections was like magic an everyone from dermatologists to general physicians, beauty therapists etc started injecting one and all. However the side effects of a mask like expressionless face, eyelid and mouth drooping , Spock like eyebrows gave it a bad name initially.But as doctors understood the facial anatomy better and patients expectations changed from a plastic unnatural witch like look to a more subtle gentler look with only softening of lines.

Botox is a multifaceted molecule and is primarily used to reduce the wrinkles that appear on the movement of facial muscles. It works beautifully on the upper face to reduce forehead lines, frown lines, bunny lines and crows feet and can also be used to flatten or lift the eyebrows for the perfect shape.

Injections on the masseters are very common now for an angular more feminine contouring of the face along with injections over the lower jawline for a mild lift of your jowls. Neck bands can also be treated by this injection. It's also being used for its lifting effects and to bring a glow and radiance on the face. It's really a workhorse with multiple benefits if used by a certified practitioner.

The only drawback is the cost and that the effects last for only 4-6 months so repeated use is necessary. And it doesn't work on deep lines which are present even on resting the face. But it's antiageing benefits are observed to be long term. So if you want a quick fix for those tiny lines which youve recently noticed don't get disheartened or panic and see your Dermatologist immediately..:)