With all the hullabaloo around sugar and carbohydrates, it has become increasingly confusing to know how to take care of our health in days of processed and refined food. Information from all over the world under the house of the internet has made it a little complex to understand what sugar is good for your health and what is not. But here’s a little guide to help you clear the basics of your blood sugar levels.

What Is Blood Sugar Level and How To Get It Tested?

A blood sugar level is essentially a measure of the glucose in your blood and is used to determine if your body is able to assimilate it for your daily activity or not. While high blood sugar is an indication of the inefficiency of your pancreatic production of insulin, a low blood sugar indicates a lack of processing of your diet and can lead to dizziness and weakness. And when there’s an imbalance in your blood sugar level, your body tells you through various symptoms. But why wait till so late, when you can get it tested on priority?

Ideally, a blood sugar level test is taken as a blood test in an empty stomach to determine your sugar level and is marked against the normal range. A repeated imbalance in such tests over a period of time also indicates of a pancreatic disorder, most oftenly, it is diabetes.

How To Manage Your Blood Sugar Level With Ayurveda?

In certain cases, when a disorder is diagnosed, it is best to go with the ayurvedic prescription and follow your physician’s advice. But if you’re amongst the lucky ones with no detected disorders, we’ll suggest you to go for a full body checkup to begin with your health care. Getting to know your body and knowing the usual range of your blood sugar level can help you a lot with the start. 

1. You can further proceed with a conscious plan of discarding processed sugar in your diet - e.g. ice creams, processed sweetened food items or anything junk which includes too much of refined flour. Ignoring all forms of sugar at once can be a little tricky and may take your body in a withdrawal mode as your body is used to a certain amount of sugar in its daily diet. 

2. You should also take note for a regular physical activity to keep your body free from obesity and fitness problems. It will help your body gain the shape you have been wanting for so long.

3. Include whole grains, cereals and pulses in your diet instead of fast food incorporating pasta and noodles. If you have to have it, try including their variants made up of whole grains.

4. Monitor your health goals under the advice of a registered physician and work on it consciously to avoid any sugar related disorders.